Our Mission

Our mission is founded upon two foundational objectives 

One, it is our mission to train students and depute them to very many Divya Deshams which are now being abandoned and have no Priests who could do Kainkaryam to the presiding deities on a daily basis. Divya Prabandhams are known as Dravida Veda that were given to us by the Alwars when they visited these Divya Deshams. It is a matter of the fact that the presiding deities in these Divya Deshams inspired the Alwars and the Prabandhams were a spontaneous act of Mangalshasanam by the Alwars to the Deities of these Divya Deshams. Whilst the significance is so immense and integral to Vaishnavism it is truly unfortunate that such Divya Deshams have no Priests to perform Kainkaryam to the Lord. His Holiness has therefore taken this as an imperative to train students at Acharya Patashala and depute them to the Divya Deshams that are in-need of well-trained, dedicated and sincere Priests.

Two, it is a given that in today’s world Sanatana Dharma is in a precarious condition due to a variety of factors that include Westernisation, Conversion to other religions and a general lack of in-depth knowledge about our History and Culture. His Holiness therefore wants this Acharya Patashala to be that fountain of knowledge that would nourish and cherish the Knowledge-Thirsty Students who would then become beacons of our Culture and carry the cudgel of Sanatana Dharma to the coming generations.