Admissions are free. However, admissions are open only for the poor students residing anywhere in India and abroad. Age group is limited between 8 & 12 years. Admission starts immediately after the examination of that academic year and remains open up to 15th June every year. Admission is subject to candidates passing the entrance test & oral interviews along with the Parents who will have to sign the terms and conditions of the Patashala, by affixing two passport size photographs. Students and Parents must adhere to the following Terms and Conditions:


1.Under any circumstances parents should not provide financial support directly to the children

2. After admission of the children they are not allowed to consume any kind of outside food

3.Children are not allowed to go out of the hostel without prior permission of the warden in-charge

4. Parents should not insist and take them away from the Patashala and ashram premises during the academic year except for one month during annual holiday (beginning of may to June first week), No other holiday will be granted whatsoever

5. Healthcare of the children will a part of the responsibility of the patashala management in minor cases such as cough, cold and fever. Any major health condition will be informed to the parents to take them back for treatment and re-join once good health resumes

6. Free education is provided compulsorily up to 10th standard level or minimum 8 years of continued education. He can then continue until he likes to study up to a post graduate research level student but at his own cost. 

7. Once a year there will be a parents meeting for exchange of views and corrections & parents have to attend the meeting. 

8. Students found miss-behaved will be dismissed from the studies and sent back home.