Here is a brief year-on-year snapshot of the progress we have made in these past 5 years.

2010 : The Founding Year

  • Named as “SRI ACHARYA PATASHALA” & admitted 5 students for Vedic Education.
  • Appointed a Vedic teacher and engaged 2 part time teachers for general education.
  • Vidwan Sri Selvanarayana swamy referred 2 more teachers.
  • A cook was appointed as well.

2011 : 

  • Admitted 5 more students that would make it 10 as a whole.
  • Introduced the concept of periodic Parents and Teachers meeting to track the progress of a student
  • Classified the education into three branches namely - Agama, Divya Prabhandha and Krishna Yajurveda.
  • Introduced Yagnya practice for two of our Senior Students.

2012 : 

  • Admitted 5 more students which would increase the total strength of the Patashala to 15.
  • Started coaching classes for 10th Standard Examination.
  • Introduced Computer Education in 3 batches.
  • Students participated in state level competition in Sanskrit and Stotra Recitation

2013 : 

  • Admitted 5 more students that would throttle us in our full capacity of 20 students
  • Introduced coaching classes for PUC students who were preparing for the exams.
  • TTD took initiative to help us in our cause. After an initial examination and the performance of the Patashala they have granted  us 1,50,000 INR per year as against our maintenance cost of Rs 14,00,000 INR every year.

2014 : 

  • This year also we have admitted 6 students as against 6 students who are passed out of our Patashala. That would retain at our full strength of 20. 
  • Six students were put into the practice of Yagnya; 3 students have passed 10th standard examination;  1 student appeared for B.A.exam in Vedic Education.
  • We have registered a trust in the name of Sri Acharya Patashala to bring about an orderly and legalised management system. 

2015 :

  • Sri Laxmikanth (builder) donated a piece of land for the Patashala and the building was gifted by His Holiness Sri Sri Sri Laxmi Prapanna Ramanuja Jeeyar,Buxar,Bihar. This has helped us immensely to centralize the operations of the Patashala from different Rented Building to one single location and directly under the supervision of His Holiness Sri Sri Sri Shatakopa Ramanuja Jeeyar.
  • A solar water heater system was contributed by His Holiness Sri Sri Sri Satakopa Ramanuja Jeeyar, Melukote.
  • TTD as in the past, this year also have granted us  1,50,000 INR for maintenance purposes of the Patashala.
  • TTD panel from the TTD Vedic University visited our Patashala and conveyed their satisfaction about its performance & encouraged us to develop it further. 
  • This year we have approached the Govt. Authorities to get recognition to conduct examinations for "AGAMA“ and to recognize our Patashala as a centre for Agama Shastra.