Events Of The Year of 2015 and 2016

  1. Krishna Janmashtami 2015
  2. Educational Tour 2015
  3. Trust Meeting Jan 2016
  4. Parents Meeting Jan 2016
  5. School Day Mar 2016

Events Of The Month Of February 2016

Student s participated in chakrankitha (samaashramana) programme in which the jeeyar swamiji inscribes shankha and chakra on the shoulders of the devotees.

Students also had sports day on 25th february where they actively participated in activities:

  1. Kabbaddi
  2. Kho-kho
  3. Running race
  4. Swimming
  5. Carom
  6. Cycling
  7. Sack race
  8. Frog race
  9. Musical chair
  10. Memory games


They also won prizes for the same which will be distributed in our annual day function.

As discussed in the last meeting which was held in january 2016, we had mentioned that we are working on a video about the patashala to display on social medias like facebook, twitter and also on media like television on different channels to promote our patashala, to invite devotees to visit us, the patashala had a photo shoot where the students actively participated and displayed their talent in various fields.

We have our annual day function on 27th of march, 2016, thursday.  Please solicit your gracious presence to wish the students.