Following are the subjects in which our Students are trained at the Patashala:

  •  Vedic Education - Krishna Yajur Veda
  •  Agama Shastra 
  •  Divya Prabandham
  •  English & Sanskrit Language
  •  General Education
  •  Computer Education
  •  Artisan Training in Cooking & Gardening
  •  Miscellaneous Education includes Swimming, Bicycling and Driving


Students are prescribed an 8 year course and he is expected to succeed at every step with flying colours. After this he is deemed eligible for an employment in one of the following avenues that are in tandem with our Mission Statement. He is expected to earn not less than 12000/- INR:

  •  Role of an assistant Purohit
  •  Performer of Yagnyas 
  •  Assitant to an Agamic Vidwan
  •  Parayana Adhyapaka in a Temple Ghoshti
  •  Archaka in a Temple


Whilst the aforementioned roles and the salary may help our students to carry out his daily living, it is important for us to restate that it is his adept knowledge based Kainkaryam that is filled with Bhakti, is our focus here. At any rate we do not intend to stamp out money-minting-and-commercially-driven students from our Patashala, nor do we intend to matriculate students who would turn out to be hypocrites of our Culture and its Representation. 

We truly intend to inculcate the values that Sri Ramanuja as a Grand Visionary propounded into our students and for the meritorious we take it on us to provide the Placement Services.