Acharya Patashala is determined to provide a truly Gurukula system of education and for free. The intent is to educate the Students comprehensively via the Gurukula system where each Student gets individual attention by the Teachers and he learns from the Teacher by sitting in the Teacher’s proximity. ‘Sahana vavatu, sahanu bhunaktu’ as it were. 

Just like in a Gurukula, our Patashala provides boarding, lodging, clothes, consumables, stationary for education and so forth in order to ensure a conducive environment for the Students to stay focused on their studies. The Patashala also takes care of our Students’ general health and well-being. Students are given one month vacation to visit their families in the summer and the Patashala bears their tickets as well. 

Under the direct guidance of His Holiness, Sri Sri Sri Satakopa Ramanuja Jeeyar, our Students’ are constantly blessed and guided and are inculcated with a sense of discipline, and diligence and it our Sri Sri Sri’s humble opinion that this would one day transpose into Yoga and eventually into selfless Bhakti based Kainkaryam founded upon Knowledge to the Lord Almighty. That alone in his opinion shall bolster and secure the founding stones of Sanatana Dharma.